What could you do in 6 months?


What Can We Learn from Loss?


The Art of Mistake Making

"Do you remember how many times you fell down when you were learning to walk?"


When To Bail Out Or Stay The Course

"You can fight the wind and waves or you can make them work for you."



"I had a choice. Believe all the reasons I couldn't or believe all the reasons I could."


Another Kind of V-Day

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We all enter the world the same—vulnerable and clueless. From day 1, we rely on our communities to school us in who we are in relation to others, what to (not) believe, and how to go about life. At some point, we may question one or more of these stories, and that’s when the magic begins. the courage to question  How…

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Football Field. Wins and Losses

What Can We Learn from Loss?

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How does it feel to lose? Last night’s Super Bowl Game was rough for Falcons fans. It’s easy to feel defeated when your loyalties are on the losing side of history. After a big win, most of us know how to celebrate. We come together, we toast, we eat, we dance, we laugh, we unite. In loss, we don’t always…

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What is Love Actually?
A Chat with Heather & Tim

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My Mom always says, “Love is a verb.” Tim and Heather Bischoff, Founder of Dragonfly Direction, are a quintessential example of what love actually looks like over 26 years of love, marriage, raising children, growing up together (Tim and Heather met when they were teenagers), realizing dreams, navigating many ups and downs, and becoming the incredible people they are today. They are one…

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