6 Lessons from Zach Sobiech

By May 21, 2013Why wait?

Many of you sent me Zach Sobiech‘s incredibly inspiring story about his teenage life with cancer and death yesterday. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and to all those that were close to him.

What struck me most about watching SoulPancake’s video about his last days was how Zach chose to live. “You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living!” 

Here are 6 lessons I learned from Zach Sobiech:

1) Start Living! What is one thing you can do today to feel more alive? Sing a song? Dance around your house? Hug someone? Go skinny dipping? 

2) Live your dreams! Zach wanted to write and sing songs, so he did, and look at what an incredible impact he made! Be sure to check out his song, “Clouds.”

3) If you love someone, let them know! It was so clear watching Zach’s video that everyone he loved knew it. Who do you love? Do they know? Tell them today!

4) “Things are okay when you believe in something greater!” Zach’s sister said he was a testament to this idea. What is your dream? What is your greater? What do you believe in? How can you share that message with the world?

5) Trust in Life’s Surprises. There’s a great scene in the video below where Zach gets in the car, and his girlfriend says we’re not going to school today. He looks confused and a bit uncertain, but he trusts her and puts away what he’s supposed to do that day. There are times life offers us another direction–it’s up to us to take it!

6) See the Good in People! Zach clearly always looked for the good in people, and it is always there when we open our eyes to it. How can you see the good in people you interact with today? At the grocery store? In traffic? At the office? 

I highly encourage you to meet Zach Sobiech and watch the imbedded video! He’s clearly an incredible soul who made a huge impact in his short time on earth. The beauty of Zach is that he’s an ordinary guy living an extraordinary life, and we all have that ability and opportunity if we choose it!

Thank you, Zach, for sharing your life with us and for reminding us in a beautiful way why every day of life is precious!


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