A Woman’s Beauty: Meet Michelle Robinson

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Michelle Robinson‘s art immediately spoke to me. The lines, colors, and shapes in her art are not only stunning, but they also speak to the inherent beauty, freedom, and fluidity of the female form. I look at her art, and my heart opens. It’s as if I’m seeing the sacred power of what it means to be a woman. 

Meet Michelle Robinson

I’m sure that almost all women reading this have had a moment or moments in their lives when they did not feel comfortable in their bodies. I spent many, many years agonizing over my body–crying if clothes didn’t fit a certain way, avoiding malls and dressing rooms, obsessively counting calories, heart rates, and miles ran. It took so much energy.

When I turned 26, I sat by the Blackfoot River in Montana and made a promise to myself. I decided to stop fighting. I accepted myself as is and let my body issues go. And they went… It was such a relief, like the day I chose to wear my hair curly. When I look at Michelle’s art, I’m liberated. The curves I carry are beautiful, not “fat.”

“Fires are Burning” by Michelle Robinson

There is something primal in her forms. The women in her paintings display the ultimate paradox of women’s strength: soft and strong, gentle yet powerful, colorful and unique. They make me want to take down my hair and dance like no one’s watching.

They remind me that the “masculine” side of me that wants to go, and do, and be is beautiful, but that the feminine art of allowing, attracting, and creating is also powerful. Michelle said in her interview for The Goddess Project that “I can’t think of anything more beautiful on this planet than women. We bring life onto this earth. If we could just have all women join together and love who we are. We are all just such amazing creatures.” 

I’m grateful I found Michelle’s art, that she was gracious enough to be featured on the blog, and for showing us in a beautifully visceral way, a woman’s beauty. If you’re in LA in October, check out Michelle’s show and see her work in person.

“Golden Beams” by Michelle Robinson

 Michelle in her own words: 

What makes you passionate about art?

Expression comes in many forms and can be expressed in many ways. I am so grateful to have been given the gift of expression through art. The fact that I can create a story and feeling with just a paintbrush, paint and a blank surface boggles my mind. The possibilities are endless!

When did you first start pursuing art and how has your craft grown and changed over time?

I always had my heart in art but I seriously pursued it a couple years after highschool. It was my one true calling and was the only thing that felt right to me…I felt it deep in my flesh, my bones…my whole being. It’s what wakes me up every morning and gets me out of bed. It gives me life…it is my life.

Brush Stroke

Where do you get your inspiration from and what inspires you about drawing/painting women?

There’s something sacred and extremely alluring about the female form: a women’s capability to change her surroundings with just her nurturing presence and sexuality. There’s something very powerful that a woman holds. It can be subtle or obvious, either way, it’s there. I do believe we hold many truths. We give life and that is power. I paint who I am and who I thrive to be.

How has your nomadic upbringing affected your art?

Bouncing from one state to another….city to city can really mold a girl growing up…A constant coming of age journey through the uncertainties of new surroundings and communities. I met a lot of interesting and very influential characters on my way which definitely contributed to my style of art. The continuous exposure to different facets of life as a young women led to many self discoveries and realizations. My soul consumed a compilation of the good and bad times…the tears and laughter. And still till this day my journey continues on…new doors are opened constantly which help define who I am and what my art is. I wouldn’t change anything about my past.

Michelle Robinson

Could you speak to some of the photos you included of your art and what the inspiration was for them?

I’d prefer not to speak on a each piece because each one may radiate a different feeling and meaning to the observer.  I allow every piece to be an open interpretation. I had my moment with the piece now It’s the viewers turn to have their own. I believe not all art needs to be explained and dissected…it takes away from the sweet mystery and imagination. Where’s the thrill in that?

Your work is so powerful and beautiful. How do you choose the colors, shapes, and lines for your work?

The colors, shapes and lines just pop in my head…my ideas are very spontaneous…I daydream of colors and patterns everyday.

“Moonlight Wanderer” by Michelle Robinson

What setbacks (if any) have you faced pursuing life as an artist, and how have you overcome them?

Being an artist sounds very romantic and in many ways is. It’s a lifestyle that isn’t for everyone. It’s always amazing when I’m making steady sales but I also have to be ready for the lows…such as slow sales in a tough economy. I always have a back up plan just in case Plan A falls through. And when things start to look up and my finances are steady I jump back in and go hard again. It takes constant perseverance and hard work to make it in the art game. Staying positive and hoping for the best always gets me through it. Also, having friends and family that support and encourage me helps a ton.

What is most true in your life?

The LOVE I have for LIFE is the most true to me.

Work in Progress

What advice would you have for young artists starting out?

My best advice for young artist starting out is always stay fresh and new…do something that no one else is doing. You want to stand out not blend in with the rest. Don’t get lost in the trend.

What is your deepest wish for the world?

My deepest wish for the world is for people to accept themselves and others. Acceptance is a sure path to peace.

What would you do if you had 6 months to live?

If I had 6 months to live I would go on a epic global culinary adventure! My goal would be to travel around the world and eat every traditional dish from as many different countries as possible! Haha…what can I say..I’m a sucker for food! And I doubt the calories I’d accumulate would follow me to my after life ; )

“NIYOL” by Michelle Robinson

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