What would you do if you had

6 months to live?


I’m Jacqueline Boone, creator of (6) Months to Live. 6 years ago, I was asked a single question that changed my life, “What would you do if you had 6 months to live?” I started this blog to find out what would happen if I took 6 months to truly live—to appreciate life’s moments, to let those around me know I loved them, and most importantly, to pursue my dreams even when the path was unclear or difficult.

My original 6-month experiment was so compelling that it turned into a life philosophy: be true to who you are and create a life you love!

We have this life once. How are you choosing to spend it? What is in your heart and why wait?

We can enjoy life now. We can pursue our dreams today. We can LIVE for the present while also planning for the future. We can be the people we were born to be and make the world a better place by following our true hearts’ callings.

Be alive! Be adventurous. Grow. Love! Explore. Travel. Dance. Make friends. Change. Try something new. Question. Climb trees. Play with kids! Learn. Be vulnerable. Take chances. Trust. Make mistakes. Be a goofball. Laugh. Above all, live!


Why is this the most important question facing humanity?

Happy people don’t make war. If you wake up every morning loving your life and living your purpose whatever that may be, I guarantee that not only will your life be phenomenal, but those around you will be as well. Alive people radiate positivity. Their laughter is infectious (look at Kid President). They celebrate diversity and have friends from all walks of life. That ripple effect enlightens the world.

Can you imagine a world where we each live our purpose, love ourselves and each other as we are, and open-heartedly communicate with one another? The planet would change overnight.

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