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By November 2, 2010Choice

Where does the line between aiming for one’s personal best and perfectionism lie? Those close to me know that I have very high standards for myself, and I’m always striving to be a better version of me. An unfortunate side effect of this seemingly noble goal is that I don’t cut myself (and sometimes others) much slack.

I still believe in being one’s best and striving for more, but to really be one’s best, we sometimes have to take risks to learn. In talking with a friend yesterday, I realized that I give myself negligible room to make mistakes even though as a teacher, I professed the value of error when learning. I pride myself in always learning, but have I stopped giving myself permission to make those essential mistakes? I’ve been so focused on the end result, that I’ve forgotten to take in the views along the way.

I know that it all comes down to self acceptance, and as I wrote in a previous post it takes an unbelievable amount of courage to be who you truly are. Most likely, there will always be something in my life that could be better or something out of place, but so what? It’s part of being human. I’m seeing that life’s chaos and uncertainties are beautiful in their own right, that everything actually does work out, and that trust in the process allows life to unfold…

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  • Jessica says:

    Love this Jackie!

  • AP says:

    I thought on the same lines before I read this post… I guess striving for perfection though a noble cause must be handled with caution and restraint. One should indeed cut oneself some slack from time to time!! Everyone likes a little break once in a while eh?

    P.S: Had a nice chat on our way to Mumbai last month.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Glad to hear it! Thanks for the well wishes. We celebrated her birthday this past weekend in Kentucky and there were tons of people there. It was fantastic! Be sure to keep in touch and keep me posted with how things go. Take good care!

  • Sure, life is about not knowing what happens next, yet living the present the best way we can……..while we know it is true to the core….
    But then, can you tell me the ways to deal with the fear of an uncertain tomorrow, knowing what we have in the very now—–may very well be taken away from us in the days to come….?

  • Jacqueline says:

    I guess that’s something we all face—the fear of the unknown. Conversely, if we already knew how everything would turn out and be in the future, it would make life less interesting. I feel the joy in life is appreciating the moments we have, knowing that tomorrow may bring something different. Thanks for commenting, Jayita!

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