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One of my all-time favorite things in the world is to meet new people and build communities! I’ve lived and traveled all over the world as many of you know. What you might not know is that the vast majority of places I’ve moved to including China, New York, Boston, Montana, San Francisco, Asheville, Spain, and several others, I often knew no one or only a couple of people at the outset. Since I love connecting with people, it became imperative to learn how to build community.

I also have over 10 years of traditional and digital marketing and communications experience, including working for publications such as InStyle and directing social media for multi-million dollar technology and consulting companies. I’ve also taught thousands of people (you can learn more about my professional experience here). 26+ countries, 38 States, and 13 places I’ve lived later, I now know how to build community quickly online and offline.

Adventures in North Carolina, Prague, San Francisco, & SoCal

Adventures in North Carolina, Prague, San Francisco, & SoCal

More importantly, I want to help you build your communities, so you can do more good in the world! I designed this class to teach you the skills of building community rapidly, so that you’re able to create community over and over again for the rest of your life.

This class is ideal for:

  • People who want to build online & in-person community rapidly
  • People who are building or expanding their blog & social media communities
  • People who are building or expanding their business clientele
  • People who are moving to a new city, country, or are about to travel solo
  • People who are unsure of how to bring in-person conversations & connections offline & vice versa
  • People who enjoy taking action and are willing to do the work
  • People who love making a difference in the world
  • People who are fun, friendly, and eager to learn!

Format, Length, & Pricing:

This is a 4-week online course that beings the 1st Monday of every month. The course is international, so it’s an exciting way to connect and collaborate with people from all over the world! Each Monday you will receive a video lecture and action steps for that week. Those participating in the class have access to a private Facebook group, where you can ask any questions you have, connect with fellow classmates, and share your progress. You will also be completing a brief questionnaire to ensure that the class speaks to you and your unique wants.

There are 2 LIVE 1-hour Google Hangout Q&A sessions throughout the course to answer any other questions you might have, and they are recorded should you be unable to attend.

What are people saying about the class?

“Thanks again for this class–I learned a ton and it really helped me get into action. I have SO much more confidence about building up a community now and it’s making the thought of the move to SD that much more relaxing. I have you to thank. :)” –Courtney Devon, Rediscover Love

“Jacqueline has something you cannot teach or fake. In addition to her vast knowledge, she has figured out how to capture lightening in a bottle and she puts it to use in ways that spark great things and serve as a catalyst in the lives of those she so joyously and steadfastly serves!”                      –Julie Franzese, Founder of The Happy Life Academy

“Jackie, you are a gem.  I had the best time with this, and that it begat such a vital transition in my understanding is beyond what I might have hoped for.” –Katie Karlovitz, On Speaking Terms

Sounds fantastic! How do I learn more?

Yay! So excited that you’re interested in the 30 Days Community class. The best way to receive more information about the syllabus, pricing, and to learn if the class is a fit for you is to contact me below. 

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