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What It Means to be an American Woman

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I asked him, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” His eyes sparkled, and he passionately replied, “I want to make music!” I applauded my crush and encouraged him, even though we were in school to become doctors, lawyers, and business people. Who was I to negate someone else’s dream, especially a boy I liked so much?…

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One of the most stunning sunsets I've ever seen -- Photo by Eva Skokankova

I’m Coming Out!

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Remember that awesome Diana Ross song from 1980, “I’m Coming Out?” I distinctly remember 70’s Disco music making a consistent appearance in my early childhood–that and Barry White. Looks like my parents were groovin’ clear into the 80’s! The lyrics go a little something like this: There’s a new me coming out And I just had to live And I…

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Two of my favorite students in China

Whole People. Whole Lives.

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I recently took a risk. I added business contacts to my Facebook page and uploaded my personal blog on LinkedIn.   I’ve always maintained a clear line between my professional life and my personal life.   This seemingly simple switch came from a recent conversation I had about modern global leadership. I will be the first to admit I have siloed my…

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Golden Gate Sunset

Day 65: A New Life

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Life presents many opportunities. The trick is to both recognize them and to take a chance. I’m making headway in my “Keeping Promises” post from December: I had an audition for a community theater project this week (and got accepted into the troupe!), I’m actively working on the book, and most importantly, I moved to San Francisco. On one of my…

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