Continued Lessons from Zach Sobiech

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Last year I was so inspired by Zach Sobiech, an extraordinary 18-year-old who captured the world with his passion for life before dying from cancer, that I wrote a post dedicated to him: “6 Lessons from Zach Sobiech.” If you watch this video, it’s not difficult to see what made Zach special. People who are truly alive radiate positivity and…

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american women

What It Means to be an American Woman

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I asked him, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” His eyes sparkled, and he passionately replied, “I want to make music!” I applauded my crush and encouraged him, even though we were in school to become doctors, lawyers, and business people. Who was I to negate someone else’s dream, especially a boy I liked so much?…

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Food fight with one of my favorite students, Jordan

The Secret of a Positive Mind

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“I wish I could spend a day in your head!”  I hear this comment a lot–whether it’s from people who meet me out and about in the world, from clients, or from long-time friends. They typically voice this statement right after I joyfully express how much good I see in the world, why I believe in the mission of 6…

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