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Express Train to Nowhere

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I had a “New in NY” moment today. In an effort to get home after a networking meeting, I hopped on the first train I saw. Everyone else was rushing to make it before the doors closed, so I assumed I needed to be on that train. Then I noticed the train was going fast–too fast. We passed by stop after stop, and at first,…

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american women

What It Means to be an American Woman

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I asked him, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” His eyes sparkled, and he passionately replied, “I want to make music!” I applauded my crush and encouraged him, even though we were in school to become doctors, lawyers, and business people. Who was I to negate someone else’s dream, especially a boy I liked so much?…

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No Regrets. Many To Do’s

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I received shocking news Sunday morning. A good friend and former colleague of mine’s mom died unexpectedly. Although I didn’t know my friend’s mother personally, I know she was a kindred spirit. Someone who lived out loud and without regret. She was moments away from receiving her Ph.D in Australia, starting her own business, and creating her own inspirational movement in her…

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Railay Island, Thailand

Yours, Mine, & Ours: 6 Months Experiment!

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December 1st marked a momentous initiation and (r)evolution in living! All are welcome. The root of the word “revolution” originated in the 14th century, pertaining to “celestial bodies.” It is also defined as an “instance of great change in affairs.” The word “evolution” stems from the 1620’s as an “opening of what was rolled up.” I’ve combined the two for…

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