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Railay Island, Thailand

Yours, Mine, & Ours: 6 Months Experiment!

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December 1st marked a momentous initiation and (r)evolution in living! All are welcome. The root of the word “revolution” originated in the 14th century, pertaining to “celestial bodies.” It is also defined as an “instance of great change in affairs.” The word “evolution” stems from the 1620’s as an “opening of what was rolled up.” I’ve combined the two for…

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30-Day Plant-Based Diet Experiment

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As many of you know by now, I had to undergo emergency surgery for acute appendicitis while traveling in Panama earlier this month. I am incredibly grateful for numerous reasons, and I will be writing all about Panama and my experiences while traveling soon. This post, however, is about a new life experiment I’m taking on for the next 30 days. The appendectomy has given me a lot…

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Celebrating You!

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I’m excited to announce 6 Months to Live’s first guest Life Experiments‘ post by Arianna Merritt from Arianna’s Random Thoughts! Many thanks to Arianna for sharing her experiment and photos. Feel free to submit your ideas and life experiments as well to Read more about Arianna’s journey to celebrating herself and others below: Celebrating You: It Starts Within I recently returned from…

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Gandalf and Dido Arm Wrestling

Rejection Therapy

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1-Month Challenge   Read about Week 1 of Rejection Therapy and Week 2: Lessons in Rejection On August 1st, I began one of my most daring experiments yet–Rejection Therapy. I first heard about Rejection Therapy from Jason Shen’s video at Ignite SF. The rules are simple: you have to get rejected at least once every day. You’re probably wondering, “Why would anyone…

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