Continued Lessons from Zach Sobiech

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Last year I was so inspired by Zach Sobiech, an extraordinary 18-year-old who captured the world with his passion for life before dying from cancer, that I wrote a post dedicated to him: “6 Lessons from Zach Sobiech.”

The incredible story of Zach Sobiech

The incredible story of Zach Sobiech

If you watch this video, it’s not difficult to see what made Zach special. People who are truly alive radiate positivity and they invite us all to shine brighter. They go for their dreams. They’re real. And they open their hearts to those around them.

When Zach was given months to live, he decided he didn’t want his life to end without sharing his story and music. His song, “Clouds” topped the charts and has touched millions. His mother, Laura Sobiech, recently wrote a book, Fly a Little Higher , to share with the world one boy’s story of what truly living and loving looks like.

What lessons can we continue to learn from Zach and his family? 

  • Life is Now: whether you have 6 months or 60 years to live, don’t let life pass you by with your dreams still inside you.
  • Love is the Greatest Power on Earth: when we live from our hearts and love deeply, all things are possible. I’m beyond moved by the love the Sobiechs have for Zach and for each other. A photo in the book that instantly brought me to tears was one of the family celebrating a wedding with a photo in memory of Zach. Those we have loved and lost stay with us. Every time I see a cardinal, I think of my Grandmother.
  • We all have something unique and beautiful to add to the world: whenever I feel discouraged or small, I go out in nature or watch Cosmos and remind myself of the infinite diversity in the universe. There is only one you, so follow your heartfelt desires and use your gifts.

“You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living.”

-Zach Sobiech

I highly encourage you to read more about Zach and pick up a copy of his heartwarming story told through his mother, Laura. Not only will you be inspired, but you’ll also be directly contributing to raising money to cure Osteosarcoma (nearly $1 million has already been pledged).

Thank you Zach, Laura, and the Sobiech family for sharing your lives with us and encouraging us all to fly a little higher!

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