Dreams do come true!

As I write this post, I hear the soothing sounds of a creek coupled with various birds’ songs. I’m sitting in the living room of my new home, and I’m oozing quiet contentment.

I’m on the other side of fear and loving my new life! 4 days ago, all I had was a plane ticket, a place to stay for two nights, pre-networking, and a dream. I had no transportation once I arrived in Asheville and no place to stay for the next month. Did some people think I was crazy? Yes.

But I’ve created the seemingly impossible enough times to know that dreams do come true. What is something you really, I mean really want in your life? Does it feel impossible or so far away? It may be closer than you think…

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

5 Tips for Living Your Dreams:

  1. Believe It: This is the most important. Believing in the power, beauty, and your ability to achieve your dreams instantly puts you in a mindset to be aware of the people, places, and opportunities already around you. I consistently envisioned the type of cabin and surroundings I wanted and would stay in my vision until I could feel the excitement, as if I were already there. 
  2. Be Committed: You may hit a speed bump or 5, or 20 on your way to your dream. Check to make sure the speed bumps are not signs pointing you in another direction, and if they’re not, keep going! For more tips on moving through fear, read this. I hit some speed bumps–fear, concerned friends & family, glitches in systems, unreturned emails or phone calls, a deflated tire, etc. I acknowledged each one and kept going.
  3. Do the Work: Commit to your dream and do something every day to bring you closer to achieving it. As I wrote in my Life By Me profile, I wanted things to change and kept waiting, and waiting…nothing happened. I made a choice to change and put action behind my desire. 
  4. No One Does it Alone: We all need help along the way. Traveling has taught me that more than anything else. Take time to thank the people who have helped you and pay it forward by helping others. Sending huge gratitude & thanks to Sue for all her incredible help, to Jane, Jay, Melanie, Crawford and many others!
  5. Trust the Universe: or God, or energy, or whatever feels right to you. I heard a great quote the other day: “It’s up to us to figure out the what (your dream), not the how. That’s the universe’s job.” I was consistently amazed by how things “just showed up” like when Enterprise twice upgraded me due to a one-day glitch in the system or by how “ideas suddenly flew into people’s heads” or by who showed up to help along the way (elementary school classmate).

I hope you find these tips valuable in empowering you, as you create your dreams! A couple books I highly recommend and found particularly helpful over the years include The Alchemist and Ask and It’s Given. If you decide to buy either of these books through Amazon, consider using this affiliate link to support Ryan Grayson as he saves money to make his dream of hiking from Mexico to Canada a reality!

Now it’s time to make my lifelong dream of writing and publishing my first book a dream come true! I may vanish (or at least post less frequently) from the interwebs for the next month, but before I do, be sure to leave a comment and tell me about a time you made a dream come true! And as always, feel free to ask any questions!




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