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Meet the incredible Alexandra Maul from Made to Glow! She and I go way back–to middle school actually. We recently reconnected, and I’ve had the pleasure to have her as a friend, health mentor, and client. She’s absolutely amazing, and I encourage to take everything she says below to heart, soul, and body!

Meet Alexandra Maul of Made to Glow!

Meet Alexandra Maul of Made to Glow! |Photo credit: Ryon Lockhart

When we feel our best, we feel like we can take on the world. And, we can!

Part of this notion is starting each day by taking a few quick steps to power up our mornings. It means fueling our bodies with what they need to get glowing and taking just a bit of time for ourselves before the demands of the day start. When I feel like I start the day on the right foot, things seem to look up. When I let stress take over or I don’t take care of myself, it’s like things can’t seem to go my way.

It’s like our resiliency ‘shields’ are cracked when we feel run down and overworked and little things seem to hit us more than ever, both physically and mentally. The practices below may seem super simple, but how often do you feel that you take time in the middle of a hurried morning for yourself?

These are easy to do wherever you are — whether traveling across the world or starting a new business from home!

1.       Pause. Take time for yourself before the day runs away from you. Only have a few minutes? That’s ok! Take a long, slow, deep breath and set an intention for the day, pray, or stretch. If you like to meditate or have wanted to learn, join me on this 30-Day Meditation Challenge! Tend to have more time in the mornings? Sneak in a workout! Go for a long run, turn up the tunes and dance, or get outside for a walk or hike and take in your surroundings. It all helps you to go into the office or start your first project with a clear head, ready to take on the day.

Beach Yoga!

Beach Yoga! | Photo cred: Ryon Lockhart

2.       Hydrate. Your body just went a long time (hopefully, 7 hours or more!) without fluids while you slept. Hydration is necessary to give your cells what they need to function optimally. Start guzzling that water! As soon as I get up, I drink a glass of water and a mug of hot water with lemon. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and is so beneficial to our bodies. Fresh juices or smoothies, or an herbal tea are also great options. If you’re a coffee fan, try to drink a full glass of water with it, too.

3.       Nourishment. Eating a good mix of healthy fat, protein, and carbs in the morning stabilizes our blood sugar and gives us the energy to get up and go! If you’re not a big breakfast person, try a fruit and nut bar, a banana with nut butter, or a smoothie (these are good for on the go as well). Personally, I like to make healthy pancakes in bulk then freeze in individual portions, so it takes no time at all to heat and eat. Or, I make a big batch of smoothies and keeping them in glass jars in the fridge, ready to drink. It’s also a good habit to always carry fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, or snack bars with you, so it’s easy to fuel up when you’re on the road.



By focusing on these three tips, you’ll start your day with a solid foundation, ready to conquer your next adventure!

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Alexandra Fiman Maul, MPH is a health educator and public health professional. She created Made to Glow, a health education venture, to pursue her dream of helping others feel their best and radiate from the inside out.  She believes that when we’re healthy and happy, we glow! Connect with Alex onFacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest, and www.madetoglow.com to learn more.

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