It’s in the Stars–or Not

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I believe in yuan fen (Chinese word for fate). I read my horoscope occasionally. I pay attention to the cycles of the moon.

My thought is if the moon controls tides, it affects people too. Thousands of years of studying and observing the stars and planets has to mean something. Many cultures examine charts to decide an auspicious day to marry, start a business, or to buy a house, so when a friend passed on a timing calendar about ideal times to make business calls, start projects, have meetings, begin relationships, etc., I got pretty excited.

Full Moon in Mexico

Full Moon in Mexico

“Wow!  A calendar that gives you insight into life’s energetic boosts. Awesome!” But upon looking closer, I realized that according to the calendar there was an abundance of ‘inconvenient’ times to accomplish tasks. Mercury retrograde. Venus retrograde. Entire mornings blocked off for making phone calls. Ideal times at 5:00am or 3:00am. It got me thinking about the idea of right timing…

Just as everyone has different tastes and reactions to sound, color, and touch, so do we all have our own timing and rhythm. Often in life, we feel compelled to take action (or to hold back) because some outside force tells us when the timing is ‘right,’ i.e. “I’m almost 30, so I should settle down” or “I’m too young to…” or “My biological clock is ticking, so I should have children now.” But is that the right time for you?

The heart has its own timing and is our personal compass on our journey. Maybe the stars are aligned or the day is auspicious, but our hearts know whether or not it is a fit. I will still pay attention to the cycles and to the seasons, but instead of assuming that a certain day is better than another, I will decide if it feels right.

The language of the heart is simple. It’s up to us to slow down and listen…

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