Let’s Start a Movement

6 Months to Live began November 11, 2009 as a personal 6-month experiment, and more than two years later, it has grown into a life philosophy. Today the blog has almost 26,000 visits, nearly 450 subscribers, and is soon to be a web TV show. I am so grateful and honored by all of you who read, comment, like, subscribe, tweet, post, pledge on Kickstarter, nominate the blog for awards, etc. It is because of each and every one of you that this experiment in living has become what it is today.

In my Kickstarter video, I wrote “Let’s Start a Movement.” I wholeheartedly believe that now more than ever is an opportunity for positive change in our world. Those of us in the States and in Europe have experienced very difficult times with the recession and those in other parts of the world have experienced massive changes in government and even in nature (as seen with the flooding in Thailand and earthquake in Japan). Many have lost hope.  They question how making one person’s life better can change the world. The positive side to destruction is that it is a chance to build something new. You can make that difference. You can inspire people by being true to who you are and in leading a life that is meaningful for you.


Every movement starts with a solid foundation, so although I love my “Ocean Theme” for my WordPress blog, I am in the process of updating the 6 Months to Live website. Soon “6 Months” will have a completely new look and domain name, just in time for the first episode of 6 Months to Live, airing May 1, 2012.

::Attention Photographers::

Part of the update includes refurbishing almost all of the photos for the blog posts, and I need your (and your friends) help.  The only photos I’m keeping are those that I took myself, have direct permission from the photographer, or those I purchased on iStock. All other photos will be taken down because I want to support photographers in their work and their copyrights.

Ergo, if you are a photographer who would like to have your work included on the blog, please send me an email at sixmonthstolive@gmail.com with a link to your work, and we’ll go from there. All photos featured on the blog will be given full credit and feature a link to your website/flickr account. Feel free to email with any other questions.

Positive Change is on the Horizon

::Attention Writers::

I will also begin to select featured guest posts by writers who are interested and have intriguing, relative content to contribute to 6 Months to Live. Posts can range from 300-600 words (more or less depending on the topic). All writers will have full credit and a link(s) to their website or work elsewhere. Please email me with your idea or to receive more information: sixmonthstolive@gmail.com To start, I will probably only be featuring one guest post per month.

::Attention Social Media Gurus::

Those of you who enjoy Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest please spread the word about the upcoming show, and feel free to connect with 6 Months to Live on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Gandhi said, “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.” The change I wish to see in the world is for everyone to be who they truly are and to live the life they were born to lead. That seems simple enough, but societal pressures, expectations of loved ones, and self-doubt often hinder us from realizing our full potential and truly pursuing our dreams. I believe “Happy People Don’t Make War” and that the journey to world peace begins with a choice to change.

Let’s start a movement, another life experiment, to see what happens when we are all true to ourselves and follow our dreams. A lot could happen in 6 months…

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