Rejection Therapy

By August 4, 2012Life Experiments

1-Month Challenge  

Read about Week 1 of Rejection Therapy and Week 2: Lessons in Rejection

On August 1st, I began one of my most daring experiments yet–Rejection Therapy. I first heard about Rejection Therapy from Jason Shen’s video at Ignite SF. The rules are simple: you have to get rejected at least once every day.

You’re probably wondering, “Why would anyone in their right mind actively seek rejection?”  I gave this a lot of thought after I watched Jason’s video a couple months ago. It occurred to me that most often, we reject ourselves before we give anyone else a chance to reject us.

Life’s more fun when we take chances

I have definitely had these thoughts: “Oh, I can’t ask that.” “He probably has a girlfriend…I’m not even wearing makeup.” “I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.” “I’m not good enough.” “I’ll look like an idiot.” And they often put my dreams or impulses on hold. Days turn into weeks, months, and shockingly into years.

To try and fail is perfectly alright, but I haven’t even tried on some of my biggest dreams and ambitions. This is my chance! I’m using August as a catapult for going after my dreams. I’ve rejected myself enough. Now it’s time for me to ask for what I really want. The worst they can say is no, and if they do, I’ve accomplished my goal for that day.

Will you join me? LET’S GET REJECTED!


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