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Bhutan Temple, Photo from www.bhutan.com / Video by Pogo
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January 29, 2012

Writing Your Life, Part 2

First off, I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful, kind, and wise comments on my initial post, Writing Your Life. One of the many things I've learned and gained from this ongoing experiment in living is to be open and vulnerable (see The V Word) with others. I'm deeply grateful to everyone for listening and commiserating on questions we…
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6 Months to Live
January 26, 2012

Writing Your Life

When's the last time you sang? I hope it was today or just now. I can always tell something is amiss in my life when I don't sing. Singing makes me incandescently happy. I haven't been singing lately. Weeks of travel coupled with many "to do's" have left me serious and soul searching. As I've been reminded by friends, family, and society,…
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Two of my favorite students in China
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November 3, 2011

Whole People. Whole Lives.

I recently took a risk. I added business contacts to my Facebook page and uploaded my personal blog on LinkedIn.   I've always maintained a clear line between my professional life and my personal life.   This seemingly simple switch came from a recent conversation I had about modern global leadership. I will be the first to admit I have siloed my…
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Photo by Tian Jiang
Life changing moments
May 24, 2011

Saying Yes! The Banjo Post

When was the last time you did exactly what you felt like doing?  Not what you "should" do, not what you kind of wanted to do, exactly what you wanted--no compromises.  How many times a day do we tell ourselves, "not today" or "one day?" Photo by Tian Jiang I woke up about a month ago and for some reason, something…
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Running through Tea Fields in China
May 1, 2011

In-between Sizes

Remember that awkward puberty period?  That was fun.  Clothes were either too big or too tight.  Styles looked good one month and a sudden body shift would turn it into a trash item.  Our society addresses this idea of limbo with a somewhat negative connotation. There's a pressure to figure it out immediately, "What are your plans?" Although being in-between…
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November 2, 2010

Being Human

Where does the line between aiming for one's personal best and perfectionism lie? Those close to me know that I have very high standards for myself, and I'm always striving to be a better version of me. An unfortunate side effect of this seemingly noble goal is that I don't cut myself (and sometimes others) much slack. I still believe in…
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Colorado Handstand
July 14, 2010

Be You

The most courageous act you will ever commit is to simply be yourself. I rarely speak in absolutes, but after living (almost) 27 years and having a variety of experiences, ranging from the darkest nights of my soul to moments of ecstasy, I can confidently say it takes sheer courage to be all of who we are. While living in China, one…
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Australia Berries
Life changing moments
May 5, 2010

Day 175: One Week

5 months and 3 weeks ago I began an experiment in living. It has transformed every part of my life. As I go into this last week, I can't help but think of how I want to spend my time and how much has transpired in half a year. Who I am today and much of my life is drastically…
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Photo by Jacqueline Boone
Life changing moments
December 2, 2009

Day 21: Keeping Promises

Growing up, one of the things my parents did exceptionally well was to keep promises.  It didn't matter whether that promise was picking my sister and me up from school on time or taking us to Europe for spring vacation.  Moreover, "promise" is akin to a sacred word in my family.   It is only offered when the person intends on…
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