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May 24, 2013

Live Your Joy: Meet Whitney Freya

I first learned about Whitney Freya from one of my favorite bloggers, Desiree East. Whitney's an incredibly passionate artist who helps others unlock their creativity and live their joy! Meet Whitney Ferré! Whitney in her own words: What inspired to start Creatively Fit and why are you so passionate about its mission? It really was a classic “light bulb moment!” I had grown…
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Photo by Tian Jiang
July 25, 2011

Finding My Voice: First Banjo Song!

I've written my first song for the banjo!  I hesitate in saying I'm in the process of 'perfecting' it because in my experience, the quest for perfection often belies creativity.  Instead, I'll say it's evolving. "Eliza" will make its debut at an open mic sometime in August, and I have plans to record it as well as to feature it on…
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Food fight with one of my favorite students, Jordan
Why not?
July 15, 2011


What was your favorite part about childhood?  Mud pies?  Make believe?  Dressing up?  Climbing trees?  Running for no reason?  Capture the flag?  Sidewalk chalk?  Forts?  All these activities share something in common: unbridled freedom, creativity, and fun! Tutu Power! If I had one phrase to capture my early childhood it would be: "Do you want to come out and play?"…
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New Beginnings
March 14, 2010

Day 123: Sights Unseen

Helen Keller came up in conversation the other day. It led my friend and I into a discussion about which was more difficult: to be blind or deaf. If given the choice, my friend said he'd prefer to be deaf. Logically, this makes sense.  We live in such a sight-dominated world, but a life without music? Without voices? Birds? The…
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