Turning 30: The Best Years Are Here!

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One year ago, I wrote: “I want to rock my 29th year and slide into 30 saying, “Wow! What an awesome ride!” What I didn’t write in that post was how trapped and miserable I felt in my life at the time.

I wrote a song for the banjo two months earlier called “Two Sizes Too Small” and in the chorus, there’s a line that says, “When life doesn’t fit anymore.” I had lost my love affair with life. I had a choice: continue going through the motions or create a life worth loving again.

3 weeks after turning 29, I decided that if I was going to rock my 29th year, things had to change immediately. I took some soul-searching time in Golden Gate Park and made a declaration to the universe: By October 8th, I want to be living a life I love!

Time to rock it!

Time to rock it!

I allowed myself to dream again. If there were no limitations, what would I do? Where would I go? Who would I choose to be? This is what I came up with.

At the top of the list was sailing, which I had never done before, but something about it felt right. I signed up for sailing lessons even before stepping onto a proper sailboat. 2 months later, I was crewing along with a friend of mine for a fantastic skipper sailing in Mexico. As the sun set that first night on the water, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for how quickly life can change, and the phrase bubbled up from inside me, “I love my life.”

I’m hours away from my 30th lap around the sun, and I have no doubt that this new decade will bring more adventures and life to love than I can possibly imagine. When I reflect on my 20’s, there’s no doubt that I have lived. 

The big 3-0!

The big 3-0!

As with all endings and new beginnings, I feel some sadness saying goodbye to such a life-changing decade, but I’ve learned that the most miraculous part of life is that it continually expands and inspires if you allow it to. 

As my incredibly wise Grandmother said at every age including 100, “My favorite age is the one I’m at!” The truth is that whether it’s 29, 30, 42, 55, 16, or 92, each age is special. The best years of our lives are always here, but it’s up to use to make the choice to live them.

I thank all of you for joining me in this continued experiment in intentionally living. I’ve found that when all is said and done, people make the difference, and 6 Months to Live is what it is today and what it’s becoming because of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My 30th birthday wish for each and everyone of you reading this is that you live your joy and experience a lifetime of truly living!

p.s. Did I mention that I’m flying a plane for my birthday? Post to come soon!



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