What is Love Actually?
An Interview with Elisabeth Cardiello

By January 29, 2014Life changing moments

What does love actually look like when someone dies? It’s not a question our society often asks or creates the space to discuss. But how we love those no longer with us, and perhaps more importantly, carry on what they stood for or taught us, is one of the most important questions we can ask each other and ourselves.

In continuing our discussion of “What is Love Actually?” I had the deep honor and privilege of speaking with Elisabeth Cardiello, CEO of Caffè Unimattic, Co-Founder of Legacy Out Loud, and my Co-Founder for Master Your Mission about what love actually looks like now that Elisabeth’s biggest mentor, her Dad, has passed away.

Join us in learning how Elisabeth not only keeps her love and respect for her Dad alive on a daily basis, but more importantly, what the process has taught her about making her’s and other lives better.

Elisabeth Cardiello, CEO of Caffè Unimatic

Elisabeth CardilloNarrator, nostalgist, native New Yorker and two time TEDx presenter, Elisabeth Cardiello, was likely the only six year old in Brooklyn with her own business cards and since then, has had a history of making magic happen. With her first product on shelves as a teenager, it’s no surprise that her post business school tenure in the finance industry was short lived. Since venturing back into entrepreneurship and starting Caffè Unimatic  a coffee company whose awe inspiring story will give you chills, Elisabethalso realized what she herself had learned over coffee at her family’s breakfast table and how she can pay it forward.

She Co-founded Legacy OutLoud, a consultancy created out of a global initiative to instill an unshakable confidence and entrepreneurial spirit in young women and Master Your Mission  an international course for entrepreneurs that reinvents the way they interact with the world. She’s become a transatlantic innovation and leadership consultant, inspiring individuals, corporations and organizations to think differently. She has been featured by TEDx NormalTEDx Fulton StreetAMEX OPEN Forum, GQ, NBC, AHA Life, NY Media and many others.

Raised to live by the phrase “what the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve” and fueled by the power of legacy (and really good coffee) Elisabeth is on a mission to instill that mindset and confidence in the next generation of young leaders and anyone who wants to realize their potential.

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  • Elizabeth,
    I don’t know if you remember me. I worked for your father at the top of the crescent for quite a few years. We actually became close friends. I always referred to him as Peter, never calling him Mr Cardiello. I watched you grow up during those years, back when Rita was there and Angelo was the Matre’ D.
    I also remember John the Chef , and most of the waiters and staff. It was truly a learning experience. Peter Helped me to find a place to put my trailer when I returned to Staten Island, on Lipsett Ave. I am living in Pennsylvania now working as a Public Safety Officer. I recently discovered that peter passed away,
    He was an inspiration to me and helped me get my life together. he will be missed. Good luck with your unimat venture. I remember the garage where all the cookware was stored. I also remember the masarati , the jaguar, and the various mercedes cars there, I worked on all of them. I remember the first time I saw your mom leaving the 4 th floor office your dad used , and I asked Peter if that was Diane Sawyer. he laughed and said no that is my wife.
    take care , and stay well. Charlie Miller

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