Day 75: Simple Joys

By January 25, 2010Gratitude

Some of the sweetest moments in life are the simplest. At the start of another week (2 months and 2 weeks into the experiment), it seems fitting to write 22 of what I consider to be life’s simple joys.

1. A stranger’s smile

2. Songs that are too beautiful to contain words

3. Climbing trees

4. The feeling after finishing reading an exceptional book

5. Sipping a non-fat vanilla latte on a cold/rainy day

6. Grandmother’s hugs

7. Morning sunshine


8. Lollipops

9. Galloping across an open field

10. Running in the rain

11. Receiving a letter

12. Singing!

13. Naps in the sun

14. Cowgirl boots

15. Hot showers

16. Dancing

17. A call from a friend

18. Writing with an awesome pen

19. Watching children learn to walk

20. A faint train whistle

21. Knowing local store owners by name

22. The moon

What are some of your simple joys?

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