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People often ask me, “Jackie, how is that you’re able to do all these things: run your own business, travel across Europe for 3 weeks solo, live in China for 3 years, work for the Olympics, move to San Francisco without a job and a little over a $1,000 during a recession and get your dream job 5 weeks later?” And many assume that my ability to continually create and live my dreams is a rare gift given only to the few. It’s not.

The truth is that everyone has the power to live their dreams their entire life. Having a life you love is not exclusive to the Richard Bransons and Oprahs of the world. It’s for everyone.

Living your dreams can look a variety of different ways, and there’s no one or right way. My Grandmother, who I’ve often written about and who is the guest on the 6th episode of the web series, lived a simple and beautiful life. She made a profound difference in hundreds of thousands of lives just by being true to her. 

But what does being true to you mean? I’m currently finishing my first book called Heart Language, which teaches people how to tune in to their heart, follow it (especially when it’s difficult), and how to communicate open-heartedly from this deep-seated wisdom. I know with every fiber of my being this language is changing the world and has the power to create world peace.

Ready to blossom!

Ready to blossom?

Who is this class for?

This is an exceptional course for 9 very special people. Our journey together will open you and your heart up to possibilities you never knew existed. It will teach you how to connect with the truth of who you are and how to live from that place. It will teach you how to manifest and create your dreams over and over again. It will help you get clear about your purpose and the unique gifts you bring to the world. It will teach you how to listen and follow your guidance. It will also teach you how to take action in alignment with your dreams and vision. Essentially, you will walk away with a much better understanding of who you are, why you’re here, what you’re here to do, and how. And most importantly, how to speak and deeply connect from that authentic place.

How do I know if this class is right for me?

If you’ve found yourself feeling compelled to keep reading, then this course could be a great fit for you. As I said, this group is a very special one filled with people who are ready and willing to live from the heart, where all transformation and is possible. If that sounds too “woo woo” to you, that’s completely okay. You might not be ready at this time. But, for those of you who know in your gut that you want to make a profound impact in the world and who have an inexplicable desire to learn more, I encourage you to reach out below.

Format & Length

The 6-week course is international and is hosted online through a private 90 minute Google Hangout (all sessions are recorded) every week. The course will include exercises & resources, meditations, and action items. You will also be well-connected to fellow participants through group activities and a private Facebook group as well as have the option to have one-on-one time with me to further help you build your dreams, whether that be a business, a book, a website, etc. There are other exciting perks as well!

Sounds life changing! How do I sign up and learn more?

Yay! So excited that you’re interested in the Live Your Dream Journey. The best way to receive more information about the course, pricing, and to learn if the class is a fit for you is to contact me below.

This class is currently SOLD OUT, but feel free to reach out below to hear about the next one! 

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