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Peace from the John Lennon Wall in Prague
October 23, 2013

Happiness is a Choice

It can be incredibly easy to base our happiness on outside circumstances. In fact, we're often taught in our society and in relationships that happiness is determined by how someone else acts or treats you. How often have you heard the line in a romantic comedy, "I want to make you happy for the rest of our lives"? While this is…
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Malta Flowers | Photo by Jacqueline Boone
Coaching & Consulting
October 10, 2013

Coaching & Consulting Offerings

I love my clients! They are phenomenal human beings who do incredible work and dream of making an even more profound impact in the world. I help my clients in a variety of ways, depending on their unique vision, business & life goals, and current set point. Many of my clients refer to me as a Walking Catalyst or as…
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Isle of Skye, Scotland | Photo by Jacqueline Boone
October 10, 2013

How to Manifest & Create Your Dreams!

People often ask me, "Jackie, how is that you're able to do all these things: run your own business, travel across Europe for 3 weeks solo, live in China for 3 years, work for the Olympics, move to San Francisco without a job and a little over a $1,000 during a recession and get your dream job 5 weeks later?"…
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There's hope!
Life changing moments
July 31, 2013

Living your Dream Limbo? Just Keep Swimming!

One of my biggest missions for "6 Months to Live" is to inspire and empower people to create lives they love, so it's important to me that I am a cheerleader for people and their dreams. I want others to know that dreams do come true, that everything is possible, and that magic and opportunities are everywhere. As the blog continues…
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